Lucky Dog Agility

Shalom's Guide to Dog Agility
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Tunnels are a favorite obstacle for many dogs. There are two types of tunnels. Regular tunnels are open at both ends. The chute is open at one end with a tube of cloth at the exit that the dog must push through.
The weave poles are the most unusual and difficult obstacle for most dogs to learn. Weave poles are a series of poles, usually 12, in a row spaced ~ 20 inches apart. The dog must weave through the poles.
There are many ways to train a dog to do weavepoles. Some people lure the dog through the poles,
others use guide wires,
while some use poles
with a movable channel. Mostly a dog needs to work at them a few minutes every day.
Agility is a game of speed and competitors have a limited amount of time to finish the course. Generally the dog moves as fast as possible through the course. At the pause table though the dog must jump on the table, either sit or down, and remain for a count of five. The pause table is a good place for our older out of shape humans to catch their breathe and think about where to go next.
Jumps are the most common agility obstacle. There are many different kinds. Many are simple bar jumps. The tire jump has a dog jump through a circular tire like structure.   Often jumps will have wings on the side. Some jumps are a solid panel and sometimes there will be a broad jump on the course to negotiate.