Lucky Dog Agility

Classes Offered

Introductory agility sessions are offered twice a year(starting March and September). Introductory Agility 1 and 2 class fees are $130 for each 5 week session.  Dog Sports Foundations1 and 2 are both five week sessions and start every other month and cost $130 per session.  Advanced Agility classes are offered as 5 week sessions beginning every other month (January, March, May, September, November) and cost $100. 

We are starting a full set of classes the week of March 11.

Dog Sports Foundation

This class covers basic training essentials for giving you and your dog a foundation for training in dog sports including agility, flyball, rally, or obedience. The class is designed to give handlers the tools to develop the solid positive working relationship with their dogs needed to succeed in competition or develop an excellent active companion dog. Topics include motivation; control skills; developing, enhancing and using toy drive; basics of using clickers and markers; developing a solid recall; target training; flatwork skills; training a retrieve; basic obedience skills; body awareness exercises; and socializing and managing your dog for the competition environment. This 5-week class is for dogs 5 months and older.  We also offer a DSF 2 class which is a continuation and extension of exercises introduced in the Dog Sports Foundations class.  This class focuses specifically on agility preparation skills and includes a focus on recalls, off leash work, and pre agility obstacles.

Mon @ 6:00 pm DSF 2 starts Mar 11

Mon @ 7:15 pm DSF 1 starts Mar 11

Tues @ 6:00 pm DSF 1 starts Mar 12

Tues @ 7:15 pm DSF 2 starts Mar 12

Foundations for Agility

This class works on pre agility and agility obstacles including hoops, ground bar/low jumps, 2x2 weaves, wobble boards, table, contact trainer, and tunnel.  Off-leash sequencing is introduced in the training building in a smaller, lower distraction working area than the large outdoor agility.  Flat work skills are expanded to work on the obstacles introduced in the class.

Fri @ 6:30 pm starts Mar 15

Canine Good Citizen 

This 5 week class is designed to prepare you and your dog to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  The test covers 10 skills a well-mannered dog needs to have:  accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, accepting grooming and examination, loose leash walking, walking through a crowd, basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come when called), reaction to other dogs, reaction to distractions, and reaction to separation from owner. Dogs should come into the class with good basic skills as this class is designed to brush up the required skills and is not designed to be a basic obedience class.   On the fifth week of class you will take the CGC test.  The $150 class fee includes the CGC testing fee.  We also offer a CGCa (advanced) class and test.  To enroll in the CGCa class the dog should already have their CGC title.

Thurs @ 6:45 pm CGC starts March 14

Rally Obedience/Competitive Obedience

Rally is a form of obedience competition where handlers move through a series of stations at their own speed.  In this sport handlers are permitted to talk, praise, and verbally encourage their dogs. The dog and handler move at a normal pace with a sense of teamwork doing the numbered exercises when moving between the exercise signs.  Rally is a fun introduction to dog sports competition and is a good transition to either agility or formal obedience.  This class is a 5-week session.

Wed @ 5:30 pm Intro Rally starting Mar 13

Wed @ 6:45 pm Adv Rally starting Mar 13

Conformation Handling

This six week class is designed to get you and your dog ready for the conformation ring.  Topics include stacking, gaiting, desensitization of your dog to judge's examinations, handler etiquette, getting an upbeat look from your dog's ring performance, and strategies to emphasize your dog's best attributes.   Ring gating is used to set up a space to introduce you and your dog to the proportions you need to work in.  The class will include both work outdoors on grass and indoors on matting.  

Tues @ 8:00 pm 

Introductory Agility 1 and 2

This class sequence is an introduction to the performance of agility obstacles, obstacle sequencing, and the basics of agility handling. This sequence of classes for dogs and handlers with a solid positive working relationship. Dogs entering this class should be over 9 months old and  confident with good basic obedience skills including recall from distractions.   The dog that should be willing to run with their handler. Participants move rapidly in this class to working their dogs off leash. For dogs who are anxious or who are not ready for off leash work around distractions we suggest taking Dog Sports Foundations or our Basics class if you haven't done previous training with your dog.  This is a five week class.

Tues @  6:00 pm Intro Agility 1 starts in March 12

Wed @ 5:30 pm Intro Agility 1 starts March 13

Wed @ 6:30 pm Intro Agility 1 starts March 13

Thurs @ 7:30 pm Intro Agility 1 starts March 14

Intermediate Agility

The Intermediate class continues development of obstacle performance skills increasing the dogs confidence with round the clock performance of all obstacles. Obstacles are gradually increased to full height. The major class focus is on sequencing and handling skills. Dogs should be comfortable with performance of agility obstacles including low height teeter for entry into this class and be willing to work reliably off leash with their handler. Dogs should also have rudimentary weave pole skills and reliable performance at the bottom of contact obstacles.

Mon @ 6:00 pm Handling Techniques and Intro Sequencing starts Mar 11


Advanced Agility

The advanced class is an ongoing class focusing on an array of challenges likely to be encountered in a competition environment

Tues @ 10:30 am starts Jan 23

Tues @ 11:30 am starts Jan 23

Tues @ 12:30  starts Jan 23

Tues @ 7:15pm starts Jan 23  (Ex/Masters Competitive)

Mon @  5:30 pm starts Jan 22

Wed @ 7:15 pm starts Jan 24

Barn Hunt

Barn hunt is a new sport designed to demonstrate a a dog's ability to find and mark rats in a "barn-like" setting.  Using straw/hay bales, dogs tunnel and climb and identify the location of rats.  This sport is fun for dogs and human and the rats are protected in large strong PVC tubing.  We also periodically do drop in run through evenings in addition the weekly morning class

Wed @ 9:00 am  and Sunday @ 9:00 am weekly day time drop in class (We sometimes have break weeks so email to make sure class is being held that week)