Lucky Dog Agility

Classes Offered

Introductory agility sessions are offered twice a year(starting February and September). Introductory Agility class fees are $150 for an 8 week session plus a weekend graduation run through. Dog Sports Foundations, Intermediate Agility, and Advanced Agility classes are offered as 6 week sessions beginning every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November). Class fees are $100 for the 6 week agility,rally, and DSF sessions. Classes are one hour in length. Drop in nights are $20.  We also frequently offer workshops.  Our dock diving pool is now open.  Pool orientation sessions are $25 and the four week pool classes are $100.  You need to do a pool orientation session and purchase a pool pass before you can book pool time through the online scheduler.  Private sessions are also available.

Stay tuned for updates on course times and start dates.  We have recently instituted an on-line class registration system for some of our classes (Lucky Dog Manners, Dog Sports Foundations, Rally Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Puppy Play School) and our workshops.  Credit card payments are handled through Stripe.  If you have any questions or problems with the system please contact us at  If you are interested in registering for agility classes or information on pool usage please email us.



Dog Sports Foundation

This class covers basic training essentials for giving you and your dog a foundation for training in dog sports including agility, flyball, rally, or obedience. The class is designed to give handlers the tools to develop the solid positive working relationship with their dogs needed to succeed in competition or develop an excellent active companion dog. Topics include motivation; control skills; developing, enhancing and using toy drive; basics of using clickers and markers; developing a solid recall; target training; flatwork skills; training a retrieve; basic obedience skills; body awareness exercises; and socializing and managing your dog for the competition environment. This 6-week class is for dogs 5 months and older.  We also periodically offer an Advanced Foundations which is a continuation and extension of exercises introduced in the Dog Sports Foundations class.

Wed @ 7:30 pm starts Nov 7

Lucky Dog Basics 

Lucky Dog Basics focuses on skills to turn that out of control adult dog or older puppy into a first class citizen and an awesome companion.   The class will focus on basic life skills --e.g. loose leash walking, self control, recall.  Basics will also work on general behavior problems such as jumping up, house training, biting, chewing, and destructive behaviors.  Basics is excellent preparation for the Canine Good Citizen class, Dog Sports Foundations, or Rally Obedience. This class is for dogs four months and older.

Wed @ 6:15 pm starts Nov 7

Canine Good Citizen Preparation

This 6 week class is designed to prepare you and your dog to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  The test covers 10 skills a well-mannered dog needs to have:  accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, accepting grooming and examination, loose leash walking, walking through a crowd, basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come when called), reaction to other dogs, reaction to distractions, and reaction to separation from owner.  On the last class you will have the opportunity to take the CGC test at Lucky Dog.  In addition to the practicing the basic CGC exercises, the class will introduce the additional challenges encountered in the advanced CGC test (CGCA) and therapy dog tests including group stays, leave it, and recalls with distractions.  The cost of the class including CGC test fee is $120.

Wed @ 

Rally Obedience

Rally is a form of obedience competition where handlers move through a series of stations at their own speed.  In this sport handlers are permitted to talk, praise, and verbally encourage their dogs. The dog and handler move at a normal pace with a sense of teamwork doing the numbered exercises when moving between the exercise signs.  Rally is a fun introduction to dog sports competition and is a good transition to either agility or formal obedience.  This class is a 6-week session.

Thurs @ 6:15 starts Nov 8

Conformation Handling

This six week class is designed to get you and your dog ready for the conformation ring.  Topics include stacking, gaiting, desensitization of your dog to judge's examinations, handler etiquette, getting an upbeat look from your dog's ring performance, and strategies to emphasize your dog's best attributes.   Ring gaiting is used to set up a space to introduce you and your dog to the proportions you need to work in.

Tues @ 6:15 pm starts Nov 6

Introductory Agility

This class is an introduction to the performance of agility obstacles and obstacle sequencing. This is an introductory agility class for dogs and handlers with a solid positive working relationship. Dogs entering this class should be confident with good basic obedience skills including recall from distractions and a dog that is willing to run with their handler. Participants move rapidly in this class to working their dogs off leash. For dogs who are anxious or who are not ready for off leash work around distractions we suggest taking Dog Sports Foundations. This class consists of 10 regular sessions and a weekend graduation run through.

next session starts in Feb

Intermediate Agility

The Intermediate class continues development of obstacle performance skills increasing the dogs confidence with round the clock performance of all obstacles. Obstacles are gradually increased to full height. The major class focus is on sequencing and handling skills. Dogs should be comfortable with performance of agility obstacles including low height teeter for entry into this class and be willing to work reliably off leash with their handler. Dogs should also have rudimentary weave pole skills and reliable performance at the bottom of contact obstacles.

Mon @ 7:30  pm starts Nov 5

Advanced Agility

The advanced class is an ongoing class focusing on an array of challenges likely to be encountered in a competition environmen

Tues @ 9:00 am starts Nov 6

Tues @ 7:30 pm starts Nov 6

Wed @ 6:15 pm starts Nov 7

Wed @ 7:30 pm starts Nov 7

Thurs @ 9:00 am starts Nov 8

Thurs @ 6:15 pm starts Nov 8

Thurs @ 7:30 pm starts Nov 8

Barn Hunt

Barn hunt is a new sport designed to demonstrate a a dog's ability to find and mark rats in a "barn-like" setting.  Using straw/hay bales, dogs tunnel and climb and identify the location of rats.  This sport is fun for dogs and human and the rats are protected in large strong PVC tubing.  The Intro 4 week class provides the dog and handler the basics of barn hunt to prepare for a novice trial entry.  The Hunt Continues is for dogs who have been introduced to the rats previously and works on improving search strategies, strengthening interest and alerts, discrimination between live and litter, and multiple hides used in upper levels of barn hunt. We also periodically do drop in run through evenings

Tues May 16 @7:00 pm evening dropin hunt ($15)

Tues May 30 @7:00 pm evening dropin hunt ($15)

Wed @ 9:00 am starts May 10-- weekly day time drop in class ($15)

Sun May 21 9:oo am - 11:00 am Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop ($30)

Pool and Dock Diving

Lucky Dog now has a regulation dock diving pool and deck.  We offer basic swim classes, ramp classes, and distance jumping from the dock. These are four week sessions, are limited to 3 dogs and cost $100.  The pool is available for scheduling private use.  To schedule the pool you will need to complete an orientation session ($25) and purchase a pool pass book ($80 for 10 1 hr uses per dog or $150 for 20 1 hr uses per dog).  The orientation session will also help you to determine what level of classes are appropriate for your dog.  

Pool orientation sessions

Sat Jun 9 @ 10:00 am

Sat Jun 9 @ 11:00 am

Wed Jun 13 @ 7:00 pm

Swim/Dock Diving classes

Aquatic Basics (4 weeks for $100)
starts Thurs Jun 7 @ 6:00 pm
starts Thurs Jun 7 @ 7:00 pm

All Levels (4 weeks for $100)
starts Thurs Jun 7 @ 10:00 am

Dock Diving (4 weeks for $100)
starts Mon June 4 @ 6:00 pm

                                         Disc Dog

Playing frisbee is another great way to have fun with you dog.  There are also a number of competitive events in the area.   The Intro to Disc Dog class is designed to get you started playing disc with your dog.  The class includes both work for the handler on the throws and work with the dog getting them interested in playing and catching and returning a disc.  Dogs can be as young as 6 months to participate in the class as it will include non jumping options for your pup.  This is a drop in/fairweather class since it needs more space than the indoor building.  Individual classes are $15.  The first class you attend is $20 and include 3 dog appropriate fastback style discs.  I class is canceled becase of inclement weather conditions this will be posted on the Lucky Dog facebook page.

classes start back in the spring


Double Dog Dare flyball club holds team practices at Lucky Dog on the weekend.  They also periodically offer introductory weekday evening classes at Lucky Dog.  They will be periodically offering a 7 week set of introductory classes.  The cost of this class is $105.  To register for this class contact Elizabeth at,

Tues @ 7:30 pm starts Mar 14


Circuit Training Drop In Class 
This is a workout class for your dog.  There will be a circuit of exercise stations with  wobble boards, balance balls, cavalettis, paw pads, peanuts to help you stretch, condition, strengthen, and develop body awareness with your dog.  Melissa will do an intro to each station at the beginning of the class.   There will be new exercises and equipment introduced in each session

stay tuned

Total Recall

This three hour  workshop is designed to provide practical tools for a systematic approach to developing a solid recall.  In this workshop you will make your own custom long-line leash for your dog, evaluate the strength of distractions and the value of different rewards, and learn recall games to play with your dog. The lessons in this workshop will help set you on the path to solidifying your dog's willingness to come when you call the first time, every time. The cost of this 3 hour workshop is $50.

Saturday  April 7  8:30 am - 11:30 am