Lucky Dog Agility

Lucky Dog Agility offers dog agility classes in the Athens, Georgia area. At Lucky Dog, agility is a game we play with our dogs, and we play it to have a good time. Our goal is to provide a training environment that is fun for both people and dogs. We use positive reward-based training that encourages enthusiasm for agility in the dog. Trialing and titling are part of the fun but not the only reason to do agility or the only measure of success. Agility training can help develop the relationship between you and your dog. Agility helps build confidence in insecure dogs and provides a focus and outlet for rambunctious ones.

Lucky Dog Agility classes are held in a fenced and lighted outdoor facility and our matted 90' x 60' training building located in Winterville, GA approximately five miles outside of Athens. Directions to the facility can be found on the contact link. We also have a dock diving pool and canine aquatic classes.  A description of the classes we offer, schedule, pricing and registration information can be found through the classes link.To find out more about the sport of dog agility click on the What is Agility link for a Swedish Vallhund's guide to dog agility.


Double Dog Dare flyball club holds classes team practices at Lucky Dog on weekends the team is not off to a tournament. For information on flyball visit the DDD club site.

Lucky Dog Agility
1103 ArnoldsvilleRd
Winterville, GA 30683